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My Journey

This is a two-fold adventure. I've had a strong desire to get off the rat wheel and do what I love as a means to sustain myself. Doing what I love, when I feel most authentic, is when I'm connecting one-on-one with others in a meaningful way. I have found that to be true when I'm providing cuddle services and intentional massage as well as connecting in heart-to-heart conversations. The other part is that I would love to bring the message of consent to the masses, especially the areas where there aren't Cuddlist's or Cuddle Party facilitators. I'll also stop and see family and friends and visit places I've always wanted to see. If you know of any place, event or people I should meet, please let me know!

The other piece is that I need to generate income to get myself from point A to point B for each step of the way which I will figure out. I set this page up to help cover my expenses back home (car, insurance, phone, storage and student loan). I'll be leaving mid June and returning mid September. I'm both excited and scared with leaning more toward the excitement end. Mainly because I know that I know that I know that this is the time for me to make this change. Thank you for your blessings, guidance and support. I'm so grateful for all of you for investing in me and my passion to make a difference in the world.

Seattle to Vegas to Reno



Sonoma to Oregon

Sonoma Valey

More great people & places

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Santa Cruz & Redwoods

Nice visit with Shawn & Tree <3

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Santa Cruz to Sonoma

WOW! Amazing views

Camper Project

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My other part to earning my Burning Man ticket - clean the camper from last year...

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It CAN be done.  Its not spit-spot but it IS Burner-ready

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Bloom Project

To earn my ticket to Burning Man I am volunteering to help 

Peter Hazel with his art installation for Burning Man.

Creating the bowls was the fun part.!

LA to Reno

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Beautiful scenery. Visited friends and met new ones.

Santa Barbara, Portola Valley, Santa Cruz, Sacramento

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Burner Hotel

Quite Interesting


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Madame Tussauds, Walk of Fame

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Friends, Venice Beach & Santa Monica Pier

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Arches National Park

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San Diego

More Colorado

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Pug Party!

So much fun!

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Dotsero Volcano

WOw! Who Knew.  Facing my fear of heights

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Garden of the Gods & Boulder

June 20-22 2018

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Crestone & Sand Dunes

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Picture Canyon


I wonder if the sun debates dawn some mornings, not wanting to rise out of bed from under the down-feather horizon

if the sky grows tired of being everywhere at once, adapting to the mood swings of the weather

if clouds drift off trying to hold themselves together, making deals with gravity to loiter a little longer

I wonder if rain is scared of falling if it has trouble letting go

if snow flakes get sick of being perfect all the time, each one trying to be one-of-a-kind

I wonder if stars wish upon themselves before they die, if they need to teach their young how to shine

I wonder if shadows long to just-for-once feel the sun if they get lost in the shuffle not knowing where they’re from

I wonder if sunrise and sunset respect each other even though they’ve never met

if volcanoes get stressed

if storms have regrets

if compost believes in life after death

I wonder if breath ever thinks of suicide

if the wind just wants to sit still sometimes and watch the world pass by

if smoke was born knowing how to rise

if rainbows get shy back stage not sure if their colors match right

I wonder if lightning sets an alarm clock to know when to crack

if rivers ever stop and think of turning back

if streams meet the wrong sea and their whole lives run off-track

I wonder if the snow wants to be black

if the soil thinks she’s too dark

if butterflies want to cover up their marks

if rocks are self-conscious of their weight

if mountains are insecure of their strength

I wonder if waves get discouraged crawling up the sand only to be pulled back again to where they began

if land feels stepped upon

if sand feels insignificant

if trees need to question their lovers to know where they stand

if branches waver at the crossroads unsure of which way to grow

if the leaves understand they’re replaceable and still dance when the wind blows

I wonder where the moon goes when she is in hiding I want to find her there and watch the ocean spin from a distance

listen to her stir in her sleep

effort give way to existence

by Naima

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Phenomenal Touch Weekend

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Some Thoughts

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Animal Adventure Park

Finally got to meet April!

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Ready to roll...

So here is my call all packed and ready. I think I have too much!

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