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Book a Massage or Sound Healing

Relaxing Massage

This massage offers time set aside to relax and feel cared for. Generally 60-90 minutes.

Sacred Touch Massage

This massage offers an experience where you will feel honored and nurtured, this is an opportunity for deep healing. Blending touch, sound, scent, taste and soft lighting to create a total experience that will facilitate coming into harmony with your body and emotions. 

This is a 2 hour session.

Oncology Massage

People with cancer and cancer histories seek out massage for support, symptom relief, corrective touch, and healing. I will create a customized massage care plan for your specific medical needs to ensure your safety and comfort, working with your doctors 

if necessary.  

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Offering a full body tuning using weighted tuning forks as well as drifting off into deep relaxation using the Solfeggio, Solar Harmonic, Fibonacci and 

Angel tuning forks.